Tuesday, January 23, 2007

our unseasonably warm january & more!

Erin's about 4 1/2 months w/ these photos

Chillin' with Zita (the cat formerly known as psycho-kitty)

These overalls are handed down from the '50s & are still darn cute!

Hiking in White Clay Creek State Park (Delaware). Short sleeve & capris during the first week or two in January!

It was just such a beautiful day!

Erin thought her hat was a great toy!

Ah, the cute baby faces :o)

First teething biscuit! (What a fun mess!)


A happy moment- I just wish Ben & Laura were in the pic!

I love this one... my dad looking at me (the proud Grandpap!) & me looking at Erin.

Cousins Kyle, Blake & Erin

One of my best friends Shelby- so good to see her & her family!
Uncle Marty- couldn't be happier (until Erin starts to cry!)

Chance-the-wonder-dog! I would leave Chance or Hannah-the-perfect-dog to babysit Erin :o)

This was on the way out the door to Ben's company Christmas party! I think I even managed to get some mascara on (but not straighten my hair!)


These were all taken in early-mid December. Erin's about 4 months old.
Karen (Ben's mum) had this beautiful set knitted for Erin. We get compliments from strangers ALL the time! (forgive the "dumb baby" look- she hasn't learned to ham it up for the camera yet!) :o)

"Yummy, chomping on fingers is good! Yes, that is spit up on my mom's shoulder."
Erin & Oma (Jen's mom).

I don't know why I love these two pictures... I guess it just captures the beauty in the every day stuff.

Thanksgiving in Charlotte

We had such a wonderful time in Charlotte. Erin was about 3 months old & it was a very baby-friendly place to be.

Aunt Joanne, cousins Nick (14) & Cece (17)


We love playing games!

Uncle Sam "The Baby Whisperer"

Cece & Erin love each other!

This dog will eat anything (except babies!)

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Kanny & Barry!!!

We're so thankful that Ben's folks, Karen & Barry, were able to come meet Erin while she was still so little. This was Around Dec 1 & Erin was about 2 1/2 months old. They are natural grandparents...

All of the outdoor photos are from the beautiful Longwood Gardens. It's a wonderful place year round- come visit us & we'll take you too!

I met them there after clinicals... why didn't I think to change out of my scrubs?! :o)

The romper has a little koala on it :o) I'm glad it was a little big- it still fits her @ 6 months.

Getting suited up @ Obrycki's - a Baltimore institution.

They literally dump pounds of crabs on your table & then you smash it up w/ a mallet! Great fun!!! (No that's not mud on them- it's their secret seasoning... a little too much pepper for some of us!).

Was I nursing standing up in this photo?! I honestly don't remember, but very well might have been!!! :o)

Friday, January 5, 2007

first blog!

okay, we've joined the masses! we've been so bad about sharing baby pics... this sounds like an easy way to do it.