Saturday, January 6, 2007

Kanny & Barry!!!

We're so thankful that Ben's folks, Karen & Barry, were able to come meet Erin while she was still so little. This was Around Dec 1 & Erin was about 2 1/2 months old. They are natural grandparents...

All of the outdoor photos are from the beautiful Longwood Gardens. It's a wonderful place year round- come visit us & we'll take you too!

I met them there after clinicals... why didn't I think to change out of my scrubs?! :o)

The romper has a little koala on it :o) I'm glad it was a little big- it still fits her @ 6 months.

Getting suited up @ Obrycki's - a Baltimore institution.

They literally dump pounds of crabs on your table & then you smash it up w/ a mallet! Great fun!!! (No that's not mud on them- it's their secret seasoning... a little too much pepper for some of us!).

Was I nursing standing up in this photo?! I honestly don't remember, but very well might have been!!! :o)

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