Thursday, February 15, 2007

I've created a blog to post Erin photos since we've been so bad about emailing them out. My goal was to get every photo of her up there, in chronological order, since her birth, but, well, she may finish high school before that happens, so I figure I'd better start sharing it sometime. I apologize for the photos that are missing!

I haven't figured out yet out to subscribe to these blogs, to find out when it's been updated, so I guess for now I'll send out an email. Please let me know if you'd rather not get the emails (it won't hurt my feelings, I know how hard it is to keep up w/ email!).

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

late Jan- early Feb (5 1/2 months old)

Can you say peas? :o)

I wore that bib in '79!

Happy Dada time

Getting good upper body strength!

My sweet grandparents- Si & Muzzy. I wish Grandma & Grandpap Stegner were here to meet Erin, too.

Erin's first Danskos! With Signe from Portland & Oma.

Havin' some girl time w/ Signe.

Is Signe a pro or what?!