Saturday, May 19, 2007

9 months old! an update & Easter photos

A quick "run down" of some current news before the months old pics below :o)

Erin had just started sitting up unassisted before Easter, so she must have been about 8 months old. In the month since, she's started crawling & sitting herself up from on her belly. She's pulled herself up to standing a handful of times. & just last week we noticed that her first tooth has broken through! She's been drooling heaps & constantly shoving everything in her mouth since she was 3 months old, so it wasn't obvious when she started teething.

Her favourite foods are Vegemite, Cheerio type cereal, mashed avocado, mashed banana, & whole milk organic yogurt (if weight gain isn't a problem for you- GET SOME! It's divine!). She likes all sorts of food though... Irish oatmeal, mushrooms, bell peppers, lemon (believe it or not!), refried beans... you know, the usual baby stuff! Erin likes her sippy cup & will (messily) drink from a cup in a pinch. We're still breastfeeding & thankful for her to have that nutrition since her enthusiasm for solid food ebbs & flows.

So here we go! Easter photos in May...oh boy we're bad. We went to Charlotte to visit Aunt Joanne, Uncle Sam, cousins Cece & Nick, & cousins Sarah & Mike from Ireland who are pregnant with their own little Leprechaun!

We're thankful that we're able to get relatively cheap, non-stop flights from Baltimore to Charlotte & wish it was that easy to get to Boise & the Western US to see our family & friends there!

Jen decided that she needed some mama-time. So all the girls over the age of 9 months went for pedicures (Aunt Joanne joined us & was the photographer here). Erin & Uncle Sam napped @ home while the boys went to a batting cage :o)

Easter morning. I love the cross behind us! Erin's dress was actually a Christmas present from Grandma Laura. Easter weekend was exceptionally cold all up & down the Eastern US, we were so happy to have such a pretty pink dress w/ long sleeves that would pass for an Easter dress! :o)

Peeking over Aunt Joanne's shoulder.

Dying Easter eggs.

The egg dying action & the Cheerios kept Erin happy.

The boys experiment w/ the camera... w/ pretty good results! :o)

Cece & Erin love each other!

We have a great photo of my brother Marty & I in our swim suits, having a bath w/ Cece (who's now 17) when she was Erin's age. Cece & Nick were kind enough to do the same w/ Erin- she loved it! I'll have to see if I can find that original photo to share.

Is this a good dog or what?! She's "only" 4 years old & still has a lot of puppy left in her!

Ben loves to help Erin explore interesting places... this time a laundry basket. You can tell she hates it :o)

I just love this pic of the two of them :o)

Okay, I'm off to start uploading some current photos!

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Frogs Mom said...

Great to see an update! Erin is such a cutie. I love seeing the picture of your dog resting her head on Erin's tray.